Hardwood floors are incredibly diverse. Wood flooring comes in a wide range of species and colors, patterns, widths, and finishes. While that can be daunting, it also means the perfect combination is out there for you, somewhere. If your background is limited, if you’re uncertain where to begin, or even if your preferences and tastes are just too wide-ranging, an experienced professional can help.

Within our line of hardwood, we have a large variety and selection of luxury hardwood products. We are able to access different sizes, colors, special orders, that fit your needs! Our showroom showcases our lines of great quality and value products that are available.

Installation with hardwood is done with great quality and precision. Our installers have been in house with Exceptional Flooring Concepts Inc. for over 25 years. With great detail we will be able to find and install beautiful floors for your home!


Recently added to our showroom is an entire section dedicated to all tile interior needs. We have a large range of prestigious tile that will suit your project. We have tile that meets residential and commercial needs. We are able to work with you and our partners to make sure your job exceeds your expectations!

Custom Fabrication

Most products in both wool and synthetic can be sold as wall-to-wall carpet or area rugs. Woven broadloom/border custom rugs will be fabricated from our in house workroom. We take into account pattern match, corner matching and hand fabrication for each individual rug. Since most of these products are woven, you need an installer that is familiar with this type of product. In addition to Bordered rugs we can provide a template service. This service entails our certified installers (CFI) coming to your home and fabricating a template to mimic the custom shape of any room, hall or stairs. WHY IS THIS THE BEST?

It is the least invasive way to create custom designs and shapes that many homes and discerning individuals require. It allows our fabricators to work efficiently in our 10,000 square foot warehouse and fully stocked private workroom. Where can manufacture your dream designs quickly and accurately. Then we install the rugs or carpet with the least amount of time in your home as possible.


Exceptional Flooring Concepts Inc. has one of the largest and eclectic inventory of carpet. With being able to access the most beautiful and unique carpet brands we are able to exceed our customer’s expectations. Whether you need residential carpet or commercial carpet we have it all!

Our in house carpet installers are able to achieve your carpet needs. With over 25 years of experience our craftsmen are able to achieve any interior project!

Area Rugs

The four basic fibers used in carpets today all have their individual strengths. Even more importantly, they all make excellent carpets. Your ultimate choice will be determined by the characteristics that are most important to you.

Although some carpets are made of blends, most are made entirely of one of the following four fibers: wool, nylon, polypropylene, olefin.

Whether you are looking for traditional, modern, antique, or custom area rugs. Exceptional Flooring Concepts Inc. has every style and color for your personal selection. Our in house interior designer, Joanne Adams has hand selected each and every area rugs that will suit any project you have!

Sand and Finish

Dust-Free Sanding DC – What and Why?

Sand-and-Finish1DCS stands for Dust Containment Sanding. Why is it revolutionary? Not only does it save you time, it is the healthiest available option for you, your family and even your pets. DCS eliminates airborne particles which traditional sanding methods cannot. With DCS you will not have dust nestling in your air ducts or lingering in your lungs. Particulate matter won’t mess up your home furnishings, or settle into your new glossy coat of finish. It’s the safe and easy choice.

E.F.C. features the most innovative DCSSystem available by Bona. The Bona Atomic Trailer System is Bona’smost powerful dust containment system. It is trailer-mounted, and industrial size. It attaches to a gas powered engine outside of the home, which significantly increases airflow and dust extraction.

Dust-Free Sanding – Yes, It Exists!

The days of hanging plastic, covering every surface, and vacating your home for a dusty nightmare are over. Bona’s innovative dust free sander, the Bona Atomic DCS, connects a powerful vacuum motor to the sanding equipment. The combination virtually eliminates airborne dust generated while sanding. At the same time, Bona’s Atomic Dust Containment Systems are the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems in the world. They are capable of reducing dust far beyond even what traditional sanding generates.

What to Expect on the Job before Sand & Refinish/ Initial finish?

Before you begin, you should list your expectations and research your needs. Educate yourself on the process and products you’d like to use. Once you know your expectations, needs and products, you will feel comfortable and confident about the investment you are making, and you can begin getting quotes. The cost of the job will vary, depending on the contractor’s expertise, quality of work, and the products used. Some estimates are itemized, and some are comprehensive totals for the scope of the work. Just remember that estimates are just that – ESTIMATES. Everything promised by the contractor should be included in the final contract. Warranties and guarantees, work hours and project duration should also be discussed and included. You should also ask your contractor for a portfolio, specification sheets or brochures on products to be used. If someone in the home has chemical sensitivities, ask your contractor for a copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for all the products being used. Your physician can then advise accordingly.

What to Expect on the Job During?

Potential delays are out there. If you can’t determine what products are currently on your floors, it could lengthen the process. Also, temperature and relative humidity can affect your floors’ dry times. The standard for a hardwood floor is at least three coats. This consists of one seal coat (which may be the stain) and two coats of finish. Additional coats of finish may be applied depending on need. There is no need to vacate your home. Bona’ssystems have low-VOC’s, no harmful fumes and fast dry times. You will be back on your floor in no time. Of course, Bona’sSystems are GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality, making them safe for your family and home. Bona’s systems are also safe for your pets. However, it is a good idea to keep them off the floors until the finish is fully cured. This minimizes contamination, and prevents dirt and hair from collecting in the polyurethane coating of your floor.

What to Expect on the Job After?

Sand-and-Finish2Bona’s Systems minimize clean-up. Since sanding is dust-free, there is no time wasted hanging and removing plastic. A floor’s finish is susceptible to scuffing and scratching until it is fully cured. Yet, your floor can typically be walked on with stocking feet in just 3-4 hours. Furniture can be placed back on the floor (not dragged) in 72 hours. Area rugs can be put down after one week – when the finish is fully cured. Maintenance depends on the amount of traffic you have in your home. If you have children and pets, you will want to clean more regularly. We recommend dusting your floors with a dust mop daily, or every other day. You should also clean your floors regularly with a waterborne, non-toxic formula specifically formulated for hardwood floors. Bona Hardwood Floor Mop is an easy and effective tool to start with!
Choosing the Right Help

Selecting industry professionals to assist you takes time and patience. Because every situation is different, it is vital to be well-informed and do the necessary research. Find a contractor you are comfortable working with. Selecting the right dealer for materials is also important. You should purchase your hardwood floor from a specialized dealer who not only sells flooring but can also advise you on achieving your desired result according to your budget, priorities, tastes and vision.

Fabric and Wallpaper

The selection of Fabric and Wallpaper at Exceptional Flooring Concepts Inc. includes traditional to cutting edge. Fabric options at Exceptional Flooring Concepts Inc. include the finest weaves, velvets, silks, embroideries, linen and cotton prints that are perfect for residential or commercial use. When it comes to wallpaper we have traditional paper, embossed vinyl, holographic and foil substrates. This allows for a large range of prints. Allowing our customers to view impeccable designs and quality every project comes out a success!

Window Treatments

At Exceptional Flooring Concepts we offer a large range of drapery & valence styles, honeycomb shades, roman shades, roller shades, woven woods, and shutters. All our window treatments will help transform your windows and make them perfect for any room!


Whether you have a kitchen countertop, island, or vanity we are able to accommodate you! Every stone slab is slightly different and at Exceptional Flooring Concepts Inc. we can help you find that special counter top!

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