The company’s founder, Erik Luthy, has been dedicated to the flooring industry for nearly two decades. This dedication has enabled Exceptional Flooring Concepts, Inc. to stand head-and-shoulders above the competition, and we are grateful for the support of our clients, who unanimously agree that EFC, Inc. is the best there is when it comes to full-service flooring shops.

EFC started in 1994 with the understanding that devotion to anything is the key to success, and, therefore, devotion to this trade would be the key to expansion and repeat business in a market that is highly competitive and saturated with companies that may not be as devoted, and that all do business the same way. So, we set out to do things differently. Mr. Luthy was as convinced about his passion and devotion in 1994 as he is today – a fact that is apparent in the way we do business. We also understand that in order to provide the best service to our clients, one must be a well-rounded tradesman in this industry. With that being said, we have put in the efforts necessary to achieve this by taking all the classes that are available in order to become CFI certified.

Erik Luthy started out by learning the trade when he was just a teenager. By the time he was twenty-one years old he hired nine employees and started an installation service, and it wasn’t until he mastered the art of floor-installation that he started EFC, Inc. This distinguishes us from other flooring companies, the owners of which did not start out as tradesmen or lovers of the art, the way Erik did.

Since the conception of EFC we have experienced nothing but positive returns on our efforts, our devotion and our standards of practice. We have experienced all the ups and downs of business ownership, and we have been fortunate enough to, by maintaining our integrity, continue to experience growth and success. With all that being said, we are grateful to still be able to service any of your needs and desires in any fashion. We thank our customers for their continued support!

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